iPhone 4 Sentiments

20 07 2010

I feel the same as this guy.  I get tired of hearing people who want to spend lots of money on brand new technology complain about that technology.  I have a long-standing attitude toward all the cutting-edge stuff:  Wait until the bugs are worked out!  That means that I never buy a car the first year they come off the assembly line, I don’t use the newest version of Windoze until at least the release the first service pack, and I don’t buy a first-generation iAnything.  I guess I take much of this attitude after NASA, which until just a couple of years ago was still using 486 processors for most everything aboard the Space Station.  Tried and true technology is the way to go.

Unless, of course, I really want it.  :o)




2 responses

25 07 2010

So I’m really loving having Futurama back, but my favorite of the new episodes by far is “Attack of the Killer App”. You’re post made me think of it.
I’m just hoping that we don’t quite get to that point in our society, I really don’t want to have to implant a phone in my eye..

28 07 2010

That episode was great! Easily my favorite as well. I couldn’t believe they made a Susan Boyle reference! And the line where Mom’s eldest son corrects her math was priceless…

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