Who cares about my garden?

28 07 2010

I’m going to be completely honest with you.  There is no way that I would ever read a blog post (or a magazine article or a newspaper fluff piece) about someone’s garden.  I don’t even want to hear about your garden! And with that, I don’t really want to bore you with any details about my garden. Except that my garden is doing awesome! Tell ya what… why don’t I just save all the pictures and personal details for a different page.

You’ll notice my page links at the top of this page now includes a new link.  This page has a few pics already, and that number will grow in the coming weeks.  I should’ve started this at the beginning of summer, but too late to worry about that now.

For those who regularly read blogs, I need some advice on how to do this.  At first I was just going to write a really long post that you would have to jump to from the main page.  But that would have to be done all at once and it was taking me too long to sort through my pictures and organize my thoughts already.  So then I figured a completely separate page would do better, but WordPress doesn’t allow individual posts on any page other than the main.  So now I’ve got this separate page created and a few items shown, but when I get ready to update in a couple of days (or hours, who knows?) how should I do that?  Do I put them at the bottom?  At the top?  Do I date all modifications?  How should I do this?  Does any body even care to see it?  Your input is most appreciated.




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