My Sagan Collection

15 08 2010

This summer brought a miracle of good luck*  when I happened upon two nice collections of Sagan’s work in a silent auction.  I scored enough books that I’m slowly closing in on having his entire published works.

Hmmm, maybe I should alphabetize...

As I’ve written before, I’ve been reading Sagan since high school 20 years ago.  What I enjoy most is his ability to speak to a wide audience.  You can read Cosmos or Contact if you just want a light visual into who we are and how we fit in, while Demon Haunted World or Broca’s Brain can really push you to look within yourself to reflect on what *you* believe.  And, in most every thing, he put his unending belief that nuclear disarmament was vital to our survival as a species.  He’s right, y’know.

However, my collection is far from complete!  For those of you wondering what to get me this Carl Sagan Day (November 7th), I give you this list of wants:

–> Planets (1966)

–> Communication with Extraterrestrial Intelligence (1973)

–> Other Worlds (1975)

–> Murmurs of the Earth (1983)

–> Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors (1992)


–> Billions and Billions:Thoughts on Life and Death at the Brink of the Millennium (1997)

Of these books, I’m most ashamed that I don’t own the last one; seeing as how it was the last book he ever wrote.  I need to rectify that.

Oh, and if you’ll notice in the picture above, that is an actual paper-bound textbook for Cosmos!  It has 13 chapters that correspond to the 13 episodes, complete with assignments and study guides!  Awesome, huh?

*(irony intended)



2 responses

15 08 2010

I’ve got billions and billions. It’s a good book. I’ve been trying to get a Sagan collection together, too…

17 08 2010

Hayden, without a doubt, Demon-Haunted World is my favorite of his books. As one reviewer said, “It’s impossible for him to write a boring sentence.” Heh!

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