Let’s catch up

19 12 2010

I haven’t posted anything in a while, which seems to be the one type of post found on 98.3% of blogs (a number I didn’t just totally make up).

So since we’ve last chatted:

  • Turned 39.  I’ve been telling everyone I’m 40 so that when I actually do turn 40 it won’t feel like anything’s changed.  I’ll let you know how that strategy works out for me.
  • Halloween was great.  I wanted the clan to dress with a group theme and go as characters from Harry Potter.  I, of course, would be Professor Snape.  …oh, how I’ve longed to portray Alan Rickman in *something*!  (y’know, sometimes I think he really *is* the voice of God)  Alas, even though Geneva thought this was a great idea and created a killer Professor McGonagall costume, every one of the boys wanted to be Harry.  So the idea was abandoned.
  • Broke my tractor.  I was having some problems with the clutch sticking, so I tried a trick to pop it out of gear.  Well, it’s out of gear!  Totally broke the drive shaft to the back wheels.  Fortunately, it’s a four-wheel drive so I can still drive it around (and up on the trailer) by using the two front wheels (so I can get it to an actual mechanic).
  • the Leonid shower was a wash with the bright moon.
  • Had hernia surgery.
  • Thanksgiving was pretty fantastic.  –except for the whole ‘recovering from surgery’ thing.  My parents left for the week, so instead of doing our usual Thanksgiving Day bit, my family just stayed home and had our own dinner for a change.  As I said, it was pretty fantastic.
  • Back to the hernia stuff — the doc set me up with some very powerful pain killers, for my very powerful pain you see, but they made me itchy.  So, if you can imagine it, everytime I felt bad enough to take one I would spend the next four hours scratching my arms and neck until they were red and sore.  And they made me really grouchy (when the pain-reliever part wore off) so I got no sympathy from *anyone*!  (okay, not entirely true — my wife was actually incredibly nice to me during this whole ordeal, and I can never thank her enough for it.)  [And I’d like to take this moment to apologize to anyone I texted during this time.  I promise, in my mind I thought I was funny.]
  • I figured out how to set up a nifty HTPC.  I didn’t build it, I just sorta had the stuff I needed laying around my office.  So that means for the first time since buying my 1080P flatscreen, I finally had the chance to push every pixel.  First thing we watched?  The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.  Not a bad flick.  12GB avi, though!
  • Re-read Contact.  I had forgotten how it ended, so I was surprised all over again.  For those who haven’t read the book, it is considerably different from the movie.
  • Watched The Venture Bros. seasons 1 and 2.  Okay, here’s a secret about me.  I didn’t get into this series when it began in 2004 because I didn’t like the first few episodes.  Then I watched maybe one or two episodes each season, if I just happened to be looking toward the TV while they were on.  This past season, though, I’ve really gotten into it.  Upon re-watching, I discovered I *still* don’t like the first season.  But there’s this point in the second season (2nd episode, actually — Hate Floats) where the series becomes awesome.  I’ve watched the first 3 minutes of that episode a half dozen times, and laughed out loud each time!
  • Geminids.  Good show this year.  Didn’t catch it.  Just heard about it.  The temps dropped to around 20F and I’m just getting too old to dress up and do that stuff anymore.
  • Found an old copy of Sid Meier’s Pirates on a hard drive and started playing it again.  Too.  Addictive.  I knew better.
  • Christmas break is coming next week, and I so need it.
  • Grades came out for my kids and, once again, they’re all above average.  Maybe we should move to Lake Wobegon, huh?
  • I found a cover album of the Finn Brothers by various Australian artists that I am just wearing out.  Oh, why can’t we here in America get awesome music like that on our radios?

So that’s pretty much it.  Looking back over the last couple of months it appears that my life has been pretty blah, but what’s not mentioned here is that for the most part I’ve been fairly happy, I’m getting along really well with my folks,  and my kids are doing great and keeping me busy.

I’m still working through the whole Twitter thing.  Not really sure what the etiquette is.  I want to tweet more, but at what point do my texts become really boring (okay, I know you yucksters are all ready to tell me “From the first tweet!” but I’m serious here.  I feel like I either need to get better at it or just lay it down.

…and as far as this blog goes, I actually do have some good stuff to put up over the next week.  And I’m going to make the time to do it as well.  What I have noticed from reviewing the stats from wordpress is that it would appear that people don’t want me spouting my opinions on education and politics.  People seem to be drawn to cool science stuff and pretty astro pictures.  Duly noted!  So hopefully, some of the folks who used to frequent these pages will have some cause to come back.  ‘Til then…