About The Blog

This blog covers topics that are of interest to me: music, technology, astronomy, sci-fi, and teaching. Maybe even some mention of my family and friends.  It is an exercise in writing for an audience while I work on improving my skills for a possible book.  I do not intend to write about religion or politics, even though these topics seem to gather the most readers in other blogs.  I have opinions on these topics just like you, but using controversy simply to gain readership isn’t my goal.

I’m finding that as I write I sound like other bloggers.  Hopefully, as I gain experience this will turn toward a more personal style.  I hated writing as a student, and I’ve never felt I could write in a style that others could enjoy.  As I see it, the more I write the more I change these things about myself.  Please remember that I have little experience writing more than a few paragraphs at a time, so if something I write sounds like someone else wrote it I’m just trying various styles.  And remember:

“Every artist is a cannibal.  Every poet is a thief.”  — U2


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