Our Earth As Art

30 01 2010

Our Earth As Art is a joint project from the USGS and NASA.  With that in mind, I bet you can guess it involves satellite images of the Earth.  I was going to put up one of the several images of craters that give a stunning reminder of the dangers of meteor impacts, but then I came across this…

This gorgeous view is an ‘icefall’ off Lambert Glacier in Antarctica.  From the website:

The Lambert Glacier in Antarctica is the world’s largest glacier. The focal point of this image is an icefall that feeds into the Lambert glacier from the vast ice sheet covering the polar plateau. Ice flows like water, albeit much more slowly. Cracks can be seen in this icefall as it bends and twists on its slow-motion descent 1300 feet (400 meters) to the glacier below.

Each of the images contains a description and a link to a much larger, printer-quality image.  And best of all, they’re all free to use as long as you include proper credit.

Image courtesy of USGS National Center for EROS and NASA Landsat Project Science Office

Lt. Data vs. Windows

29 01 2010

Why don’t I spend more of my time doing productive things like this?

The T-Shirt Quest Continues

10 01 2010

A couple of years back I started asking all my former students to get me a T-shirt from their respective college/university/grad school.  So far the results have been dismal.  Thanks goes to those who fulfilled my request (especially Amanda, who was number one with a bullet!), but they are few.

I don’t have any big plans for these shirts right now.  Really, I just want them for no raisin.  But since the response has been so weak, maybe I need to offer something in return.  Can’t think of anything offhand…  but I promise you this:  I will get each of you something special and specific if you will do me this small favor.  For those who already gave, that means now I’ve got to come up with something.  Chocolate malt, maybe?  I know I’d do most anything for a box of donuts!

Well, you be thinking about it.  I’m open to suggestion.

[BTW, if you haven’t read Davin’s blog in the last couple of months, you’re really missing out!  I’m starting to think he should’ve gone into journalism instead of astrophysics.  Hmm, maybe he can do both…]

Sagan’s Apple Pie

2 01 2010

I find a prep time of 14Gyr to be perfect!

[original link via Neatorama]