About Me

I’m a balding, 30-something science teacher in a small, rural school. I love astronomy, meteors, thoughtful music, Futurama, and my kids.

hello there

I wish for my students to excel and achieve beyond even their expectations, and I endeavor to make that happen every day by always being a motivator in their lives.  I love for students to take on science projects that really push them to grow, such as these guys rebuilding an old Argon laser (which I still have in my shed!).

!Now that\'s a science project!

That being said, I also find that sometimes we take ourselves too seriously. We all say dumb things. We all do dumb things. If we cannot laugh at ourselves, then we truly are miserable. I hope I can instill a sense of humor that borders on the indignant within the students who get it — and by ‘get it’, I mean in the sense of MST3K.

Thank you for taking time to read my blog.

–Terry Johnson

The storyteller

That’s me on the left, the Storyteller.

Former Students Friends acting interested. Wonder what they’re really thinking?


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