Dave and his band

31 05 2009

So DMB is putting out a new album.  This one promises to be a one of the most important efforts of their career.  Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King, named in honor of late bandmate LeRoi Moore,  may be the strangest name for an album yet, but is getting hugely positive reviews across the internets.  I’ve only heard the single, Funny The Way It Is, so far, but I can’t wait for the rest of the album to officially be released.  Apparently, Pandora started streaming the album before they were supposed to (yeah, right — the band doesn’t seem too upset over it — and now it’s put up the entire album with the band’s blessing.) and even though they’ve now pulled it down there are copies floating around.  Turns out that people who have listened to the album are saying the versions Pandora leaked aren’t like the album versions.    And anyone who knows DMB knows that the album versions also won’t match the versions they’ll have for the videos which won’t match the ones they play in concert which won’t match the acoustic versions later…

DMB full band

Here’s the real purpose of this post.  This next week DMB is giving you a media overload with televised live concerts, documentaries, and live streaming video.  If you’ve tuned into Fuse you’ve already seen that they’ve devoted the whole weekend to the band.  Monday, June 1, they’re showing DBM *live* from the Beacon Theatre in New York at 8pm CDT.  If you don’t have the Fuse network, no biggie.  Hulu just announce a couple of days ago that they’ll be airing the whole thing simulateously!  [A first for Hulu]  You really don’t want to miss it because it’ll give you a taste of what we can expect in LR on Sept. 29 when they play D-S Park!  Tickets for general admisssion are $65, plus whatever other charges the ticket sharks want to throw on, so I’m not sure I’ll be able to go.  But I’ve got the whole summer to save up…

The rest of the week Fuse will show a 4-part documentary on the band.  Four parts!  That’s more than they gave Pink Floyd!  But a lot has happened to them over the last 15 years since I first heard Ants Marching.

I hope you guys find some time to watch or, at least, listen.  I think it’ll meet the hype.

And now the advertising of other websites trifecta for this week is complete.


Trekkies Bash New Star Trek Film As ‘Fun, Watchable’

29 05 2009

I have totally dropped the ball on posting this.  I know that you’ve all already seen it from practically every other blog two weeks ago, but here’s the deal.  I was trying out some new software to post videos on my blog and accidentally sent out RSS feeds to everyone who subscribes to infinitewell for a post that isn’t even visible from the front page.  If you happened to have received that feed and then couldn’t figure out what it was to, well now you know.  Since the post itself failed… here’s a look at the video I was playing around with.

More Proof That Palpatine Is The Pope!

24 05 2009

Via the RiffTrax blog who stole it from Photobomb…



10 05 2009

For those who might be near enough to Conway to drop by next week, there’s a match at Hendrix from 8 – 10pm.  Be early!  Wear a dark-colored shirt!  Prepare to be put in your place by my team of atomic mutant supermen!  Or have none of you pathetic college kids game?

now where’s my bottle of Chronitons?

Edit:  Okay, so using the Chronitons has caused a major skip in the time matrix and now the game appears to have moved to Monday.  We shouldn’t question it — just comply until things get back to normal.  Oh, and a vortex has rendered the fields at Hendrix unusable.  Here’s the new location. [It’s right behind Stoby’s!]  Also the time has changed to 6pm – 8pm.  I’ve reserved the pavilion, so if you get there before me just go ahead and take it over.  Also, I’m planning to sell dogs and drinks to the spectators for a buck each.

Ultraedit!:  Man, that chronological wang-dang-doodle almost destroyed the matrix of reality!  It is a dark day for high schools everywhere.  We have been beaten… at Frisbee.  And to top it off now all the colleges are going to start crackin’ wise about our mommas.

You know what might fix that next time?  A pandemic-sized implosion.  But to do that I’d have to Yeti it up with a doomsday device.  Ah, now the disc is in Johnson’s field!  Glad I have a few of those laying around.

To celebrate, I’m making everyone who owns a Yeti shirt an honorary member of the team. Not so fast there Jones!  But you know it’s not possible.  In your heart, you know you just ain’t funky enough.  Deal with it.

The Hunt For Gollum

9 05 2009

Though I’ve been swamped for the last few weeks and have neglected my posting duties, I’ve decided to break the silence for this…

It’s been out for a few days now, but if you haven’t invested some of your life to watching The Hunt For Gollum, you’re missing out on what has to be the best fan film ever made.  (No hate mail about how awesome Troops was, ‘k?)  Reportedly costing only $5000, this film looks authentic and the music is as professional as you’ll find in any big-budget flick.  They could’ve written a little more dialogue for my taste, but the visuals are intended to make up for it.  The whole 40-minute movie is available freely from DailyMotion.com, but you can check out the trailer below.  You’ll notice the little button for HQ.  I would recommend clicking it if you have the bandwidth.