Luck of the Fry-ish!

11 04 2010

So yesterday I discovered a few hundred feet from my house a patch of four-leaf clovers.  You read that right… an entire patch of four-leaf clovers!  Don’t believe me?  How about this?  Those may not look all multi-leafed, but they are.

Better?  Good.  Now — here comes the exciting part! — overall we found several dozen five-leaf clovers, and maybe 15 or so six-leaf clovers,

and then THIS!

Count ’em, suckers!  That’s seven leaves …all on the same stem! And from what I understand about leprechaun magic, one of my kids will have a son who gets to go to Mars.  Sha-pow!

There’s one leaf that’s been chewed up a bit by some bug, but other than that all the leaves are fairly congruent.  That means that they’re almost too big for all of them to be seen at once.  In fact, I had to count them three times before I was sure I wasn’t counting one leaf twice.

Now to figure out how to preserve this thing in a necklace or something.


Oddly Specific

1 04 2010

I’m linking to a new site over in my links widget…  Oddly Specific!

A majority of the time their stuff looks like this:

Think that’s great?  Wait ’til you see their weekly stickman updates!  They occasionally have NSFW stuff, so I’m encouraging you to cautiously peruse their site whenever you get a chance.