MTV to play videos? Azzif!

13 06 2008

Via IFC I’ve discovered that MTV will start up a new show tomorrow night called FNMTV, a one-hour show devoted to that which made MTV so cool back in the 80s — music videos! From MTV’s website: “There’s just one place you can find the hottest new music videos, exclusive live performances and the most talked about artists: FNMTV Premieres.” I remember when that wasn’t a show, that was the network. Then after that died I remember them attempting to resurrect it with MTV2. The new network was great for a while, even showing rare Metallica stuff after midnight. Then, it too, died.

Looking at their ad they’ll be pushing media darlings Panic At The Disco and then a bunch of hip-hop artists. Blah. Not that I want Headbanger’s Ball stuff, but something akin to 120 Minutes would be great! At least I have VH1Classic. They’ve been playing too much KISS lately, but I watch old episodes of 120 Minutes at least a couple of times a week. I also have FUSE, which used to be MuchMusic before it became MuchMusicUSA. It’s Canadian. From Canadia. So they don’t bow to the whims of corporate Ameri…oh wait, did I just see Papa Roach. Nevermind. Well, I guess they can’t play good music ALL the time. Kinda like the meaning of ‘suffering’. How then would you ever know when things are good? I’m living in a van down by the river! THERE ARE FOUR LIGHTS!

On another note, have you watched that cool Dead Milkmen video I posted last week? That was when music videos were full of awesome. Now they’re so packaged and formulaic they make me wanna Olsen Twinn all over my desk. Here, I’ll put up another one and hope you guys take the time to bask in its glory.

[Of course, I’m saying all this tongue-in-cheek. No one send me hate mail on how great 30 Seconds To Mars videos are please. thx.]




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13 06 2008
Trey French

Yea too much kiss is never good and Papa roach is aweful. But hey on a brighter note if you have not heard of the PC game Spore that is coming out this fall you might want to watch this:

I am really excited about it.

13 06 2008

“THERE ARE FOUR LIGHTS” – classic :)


13 06 2008

hey harman baweja on Mtv hotseat all this month …
Isnt that exciting????
I’m really looking forward to love story 2050…Really, can’t wait to see Harman n priyanka paired together…:)

13 06 2008
Nick Jones

Like anything else good that is on a station that is primarily show bad, the good will be phagocitized and digested in one of bad’s conctractile vacuoles.

14 06 2008
» MTV to play videos? Azzif! 30 Seconds To Mars: What The World Is Saying About 30 Seconds To Mars

[…] to play videos? Azzif! Posted in June 13th, 2008 by in Uncategorized MTV to play videos? Azzif! Here, I’ll put up another one and hope you guys take the time to bask in its glory. [Of course, […]

16 06 2008
Lauren Fletcher

They do realize that you can really only show, what? 8 maybe 9 videos in an hour right? I’m mean including commercials and the fact that they will be by the same people pleasing bands every week…That’s lame.

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