Asteroids Revenge!

6 09 2008

So my boys found this game online at, but it was created by the folks at My kids have no idea what the original Asteroids was, so they didn’t make the connection that this was Asteroids Revenge. Actually, this is Asteroids Revenge 3, which means I’m certainly very late to the punch on this one.  The jist is you play the asteroids! Before I realized this I turned to Miles and said, “You better shoot or you’re going to get smashed.”

He said, “I can’t shoot.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, rocks don’t get lasers.”

That’s when it hit me.  I found this concept so cool that I ran straight to the living room to tell my wife.  “Yeah, I noticed he was playing Asteroids.  Why?”  “Because he gets to be the asteroids!”  She found this almost as cool as I did.  heh.

Anyway, he now has one of the top posted scores on their website.  Enjoy!




One response

7 09 2008
Nick Jones

Another crazymonkey game you should check out is cosmic crush. You start as an asteroid and the through planetary coalescence you get bigger until you be come a planet, then you make the leap from planet to star.(that’s a stretch I know but is a fun game, and also deals with gravity)

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